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Get classical ayurvedic treatment in an elegant atmosphere.

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Ayurveda helps to derive all aspects from old tradition.

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E-mail : dhanwanthariayurveda@gmail.com

About Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital

Established in 2012, Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital provides all standard facilities of a modern hospital without compromising any aspects of the old tradition. So you are sure to find a home away from home when you come to Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital.

Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital is located very strategically near Ayyapan Kavu, Cherpulassery. It is just behind the Kasturbha Vayanashala (Library), and although situated just near to the Pattambi Road, it is still away from the din of traffic.

So welcome to Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital for rejuvenation, detoxification, and personal retreat. We specialize in pancha karma, custom-designed therapy programs, herbal medicines, Ayurvedic nutrition and training you in personalized self-care practices so you can life your best life!

Allow us, at Dhanwanthari, to get you closer to the nature you live in.


Our Invaluable Clients' Testimonials

It has been a truly great experience at Dhanwanthari Ayurvedic Hospital. My confidence grew in no time as I found myself in the hands of really adept personnel who knew well what they were doing. - Narayanankutty Nair, VP, TCS, California

I had an incredibly inspiring experience at Dhanwanthari. It is a very gentle and peaceful atmosphere. Indeed, the best experience of a life time. - Anwar, Entrepreneur / Real Estate Businessman, Bangalore

After many alternate therapies I finally tried panchkarma at Dhanwanthari. The luxurious and detoxifying process has given me a glowing skin. I recommend panchkarma as a real spring clean for anyone. - Azeez, Usthad / Teacher, Perinthalmanna

Dhanwanthari Ayurvedics has put me in touch with my body's inner intelligence. Many people who want a greater balance in their lives will find the various therapies here invaluable. - Khadija, Housewife, Palakkad

I got a huge improvement during and after the treatment for my pains. My digestion system has also improved nicely after I followed the particular diet prescribed at Dhanwanthari. It showed me good result for my problem.. - Subuhudeen Bava, AC Manager, Govt. Hospital, Dubai

I am very happy with my health after this treatment and alhough having regained my condition, I still follow a special diet, given to me at Dhanwanthari, for another two weeks. - Mr. Bhaskaran Nair, Chartered Accountant, Delhi

I would like to thank you all at Dhanwanthari again for your heart-warming hospitality and your professionalism during my first pancha karma. It has been a fantastic experience- Madhav Kumar, Software Engineer, London